Madison DiMarco (American, b. 1997)

 BFA Photography 


This body of work is an examination of the relationship between family history and the perception of the self. By appropriating imagery from my family album, I hope to reinterpret the façade created in the construction of family photographs. I started to work with family imagery as a way to piece together the gaps between memory, record keeping, and storytelling. To emphasize the construction of self in relation to my family history, I am combining multiple mediums to create a body of work focused on the relationship I have invited.  I am using collage with cyanotype, instant film, and silver gelatin prints to physically reconstruct my family imagery.  


All of the imagery and other artifacts I am appropriating originally belonged to my great aunt who I never had the pleasure of meeting. Because I am working with limited knowledge of my aunt, I am working with a manipulated timeline. The artifacts that I have from her have the potential to transform her story and do, as I discover them. Through the assemblage of my work, I depict an invented relationship between my deceased aunt and myself, facilitated only by the things she left behind. 

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